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Featured Resources for Therapists:

Suicide Awareness/Prevention Informational Packet (Jason Foundation)

Pennsylvania Suicide Awareness/Prevention Informational Packet 

The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program (SOS) offers a FREE 90-minute online course for non-mental-health professionals and unlicensed counselors. The course is called Plan, Prepare, Prevent: The SOS Signs of Suicide®


Featured Sites:

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SAMHSA screening guide for mental health clinicians ~assess level of suicide risk and suggest appropriate interventions. It is intended to provide an accessible and portable resource to the professional whose clinical practice includes suicide assessment.

Free Screening Tools:

A rapid, psychometrically sound 4-item screening tool for all pediatric clients in clinical/medical setting (NIMH-Research brief)
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Published by the American Counseling Association
#stayalivenow series featuring Dr. Mark Goulston, Suicide Prevention Specialist, shares experiences working with patients who are suicidal. Kevin Hines, the Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Survivor, joins conversation with his passionate plea to those in deep despair. Rayko, Japanese pop singer and Suicide Prevention Advocate, desires to learn tools to help the anime community.
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